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Anime Icon Challenge

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Welcome to anime_iawards! This is an icon contest for all anime and RPG icons! Contests are held weekly! ^.^ Please dont forget to read the rules! Thankies!

1. Be polite and courtious to all your fellow MODs and Iconists
2. Each member may submit 2 icons per theme for right now (Anime/Manga/RPG).
3. Submitted icons must be compatible with LJ requirements. {100x100 & Under 40kb}
4. Don't advertise your icon or post it before the current contest is over. It's CHEATING.
5. Icons must be related to the theme or it will be disqualified.
6. Don't claim others icons as your own, thats stealing.
7. Livejournal is not an imagehost. Photobucket and related image hosts are excelent.
8. Please do not vote for your own icons.
9. Sorry, but please dont submit icons with hentai. Lets keep this community clean?
10. Submitted icons must be no more than 7 days old from time of submission.
11. Please don't take anything without crediting. And dont take anything while voting is taking place.
12. Only members are allowed to vote. If you are not a member, your vote will not be accepted. If you vote with multiple accounts and you're caught, you will be banned.
13. This is a non-biased community.

You may submit up to two icons for each contest. The theme will be posted saturday at 9am and will end the following friday at 9pm (central time) please dont get too mad at me if i post something late, ill try to get everything done on time, but somwtimes life is uber busy. Have fun!

Username: fullmoonfrost

URL: http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e373/fullmoonfrost/timepass_fullmoonfrost.jpg
Series/Character: Full Metal Alchemist/Edward Elric

Icon Requirements:
- be no more than 7 days old at time of submission
- meet the criteria of the current theme
Icons must also fit LJ requirements, meaning:
- no more than 40k in file size
- no more than 100x100 pixels in dimension

You may submit up to two icons for each contest. Please follow all the rules when submiting an icon. Thanks! ^.^

Icons will be posted on friday at 8:00pm EST and voting will last until sunday at 9:00pm EST.

Voting should look like this:

1, 2, 3
special: 4



Please dont vote for your self. All votes are screened.

WEEK 1 [Beginning]; Winners; Banners
WEEK 2 [Love]; Winners; Banners
WEEK 2 Special [Kingdom Hearts II]; Winners; Banners
WEEK 3 [Icon Pairs]; Winners; Banners;
WEEK 4 [Food]; Vote Now!
WEEK 5 [Sleep]; Submit Now!

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Please leave a post here if you wish to affiliate! ^.^


Banner Makers:
miska158 [week 2] - DUE
aquarian_abyss [week 3] - DUE
_toni_ [week 4]
blackdragonfly [week 5]
tamakins8604 [week 6]
rarity [week 7]

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