Addy (nerdraeg) wrote in anime_iawards,

Week 4; Winners; Food

As always, I got a number of comments telling me how difficult it was to pick this week’s winners. It took me ages to pick a Mod’s Choice… this community just gets more difficult with each week, so thanks to all the icon makers who keep coming back to make our votes so neck-and-neck. Here are this week’s winners…

First Place
title or description by roketto

Second Place
title or description by blackdragonfly

Third Place
title or description by nerdraeg

Special Category: Most Humorous
title or description fangirl_friend


title or description by nerdraeg

Mod’s Choice
title or description by sidh

Banner Maker this week is _toni_. Congradulations to all winners. Also, everyone please remember to submit to Week 5’s theme, Sleep, HERE! So far I have 3 icons.

Also, question for the group; does everyone prefer that I just post the winners, or would people like it better if I also posted the runners up in order? I always find that a little tedious, but sometimes people would prefer to know. Another alternitive is I could unscreen the votes once voting is over. I know some icon communities do one or the other of these things, and some do neither. Up to you folks, though!

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