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Week 4 Submission; Food

Hey all. I’m going to be posting up the submission thread again, as fullmoonfrost has a lot going down right now and is on a short hiatus. The new theme is something central to the lives of all good anime characters. Be it cute ‘n cuddly cooking scenes, or downright dangerous obsessions with ramen noodles, this weeks theme is…

+You may submit up to two icons. As long as they include food of some sort along with the characters (or cooking/eating/leftover crumbs, ect.) it is eligible. The word alone will not do- ie. If your icon says ‘Cooking’ or ‘Cuisine’, but doesn’t include any actual food, you may not enter it. Many anime characters have interesting infatuations with stuffing their faces, so have fun with this! (As a note, 'odd' foods are fine. IE. If you want to make an Excel Saga icon, and Menchi is the dish of choice, then ok! If you have any questions, just ask.)
+Icons must fit LJ standards (100x100) and follow the rules of this community.
+Icons must be new, and you may not advertise them anywhere until after the contest is over.
+Icons should be submitted like so…

Your Username:
Icon: title or description
Anything Else We Should Know:

You have until Friday, May 12th, 9pm EST to submit Food icons. The voting post will go up later that day.

And everyone please remember to go vote for Pair Icons! As always, we have a close race going there.
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