Addy (nerdraeg) wrote in anime_iawards,

Reminder; Week 2 Vote + Week 3 Submit

Hey, everyone. Here’s your neighborhood friendly reminder to go submit for our new theme, Icon Pairs ! We have six wonderful sets so far, but we’re going to need at least eight to turn this into a real contest. This is a fun theme, so let’s see some creativity!

Also, if you haven’t already, please go vote on the Love/KH II theme. We have some massive ties at the moment, so, please go judge for yourself! If we still have ties by the time voting is up, we’ll have to do a tie-breaker round.

EDIT:// Actually, scratch that. If there is a tie, both icons deserve to be recognized. However, anything above a 2-way tie will need a re-vote to see which ones take the win. And we have a NINE WAY TIE right now, so please go break that up!
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