Addy (nerdraeg) wrote in anime_iawards,

Week 3: Submission; Pairs

First off, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Addy, and I’m the new co-mod for anime_iawards. fullmoonfrost has been having a difficult time taking care of this community recently due to real-life issues, so from now on, if she isn’t around to post something in a timely manner, it’s no problem. fullmoonfrost will be posting the voting for Week 2: Love and Special Contest: Kingdom Hearts later today.

Meanwhile, I’m going to post the new challenge. Because this community allows two icons per contest, I’m going to use one of my favourite themes for icon communities.

+You MUST submit two icons. These two icons can be anything, so long as they are a ‘couple’. In other words, they both must be able to stand alone as their own icon, but they also both must relate back to one another. They can relate in color scheme, or be two sides of the same picture, or have a pattern that continues one to the other, be a hero and a villain, have relating words, ect. If you have any questions about the theme, please ask, or check out examples at other icontest communities.
+While you MUST submit two icons for the ‘Pair’ challenge, you may not submit two different attempts. Ie. Only one pair please; 2 icons, not 4.
+Icons must fit LJ standards (100x100) and follow the rules of this community.
+Icons may be submitted like so…

Your Username:
Icon 1: title or description
Anything Else We Should Know:

Icon 2: title or description
Anything Else We Should Know:

To get us back on track, this will be a shortened week. You have until Friday, May 5th, 9pm EST to submit Pair icons. The voting post will go up later that day.

Again, apologies for the lateness of the Week 2 voting post! Please submit this week. We had an awesome turnout for last contest, let’s keep it up!
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