May 5th, 2006

Week 2 - Love and KH II Winners

Alright, everyone! Here are the winning icons for Week 2 (posted a half-hour early, because I have to go study). We did have one two-way tie, but I don’t want to delay results any longer. So, without further ado-

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I must say, it was really close this week. Almost all of the icons were neck and neck, and most ended up only one vote apart by the time all was said and done. Congradulations to all of the winners. And also, a huge apology to anyone whose entry I had to fix—next voting post will not be such a rush job.

Remember to submit Pair Icons HERE! I know everyone is busy with Finals (I sure am) but if you need a break, or like to procrastinate, Enter! You only have until Tonight, at 9pm! We have Nine lovely sets right now.

Banner Maker this week is miska158. There were a lot of winners because of the double-contest and the tie, so if you cannot do the job on your own, please tell me, and I will either solicit one of our other makers, or do them myself.

Week 3; Icon Pairs Voting

Alright, time to get everything back onto the almost-usual time frame. Here is the voting post for Pair Icons, a wee bit early because someone has a Roman History final tomorrow. We have 11 amazing sets this week, so thank you to everyone who took the time to submit.

Here’s how voting should go. Please Put—

Special Category:

The Special Category you will be voting for this week is Best Individual. Because you will be voting for which ‘Pair’ of icons you like best, the special category is to decide which icon set would stand best on its own, as two individual icons. Please make sure not to vote for the same icon twice (we had a lot of that last time), so more people have a chance of winning something! (To clarify, that means do not vote for the same icon for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, and then also vote for it in the Special Category.)

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New theme and submission post will actually be posted Saturday, 6pm EST. Timing on everything should be back to normal now! Phew! Good luck to all the wonderful icons this week and Happy Voting!